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Ben Fortune specializes in the manufacturing of high quality flour-based frozen oriental foods. Our product portfolio includes steamed buns, filled buns and a range of oriental delicacies and desserts such as "Mantou", "Yutiao","Mini Buns" and "Mini Peach Buns".

Our strength lies in our commitment to research and development. Our R&D team is versatile and highly experienced to develop new products. We can cater to specific geographical or other ethno-centric requirements. We strive to identify consumer demands and constantly developing new products to keep abreast with the growing world market. It is our policy to work with our agents and distributors to penetrate new markets, identify market needs for mutual growth and profitability.


Ben Fortune employs advanced machineries and production practices at its factory in Malaysia's Sunway Technology Park. The management team believes in stringent quality and hygiene controls to meet world-class export requirements. We also contract pack for several exporters.

Ben Fortune was officially incorporated in April 1993. It is a fully owned subsidiary of QAF Ltd, Singapore. QAF is a public listed company in Singapore. The group has extensive interests in food manufacturing, retailing, trading, distribution and cold storage of food products. QAF's investments are predominantly in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China and India.


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